Upgrade Firmware failed


I opened the channels app and it sees my HDHomerun. There's a device ID with an IP address.

My options are to upgrade firmware from (null) to 20170930. When I attempt that, I get an error that the firmware was not found and to go to the silicondust website.

The other option is to scan for channels. This also fails with an error "Unable to scan Antenna"

I can go to the HDHomerun app on my laptop, I get all my channels.

On the system status for HDHomerun, I am on firmware 20180817 and it says its up to date. All seems to work on the HDHomerun app, just not the Channels app


You'd be better-off posting this to SD's forums. This is an SD hardware/firmware problem. Not associated with Channels' apps at all.


Click Add Source and enter the IP of your tuner. It should fix it.


So this is not a tuner firmware upgrade issue, as his post appears to suggest?


Firmware is already up to date

The problem is that the app can't fetch the firmware version from the HDHR over the UDP discovery. Entering the IP manually will force a HTTP discovery which should work more reliably.


I've seen that happening to me. Check your network and mostly IP conflicts!