Upgraded to the 4K HDHOMERUN, how do I get rid of the old one?

Hello! I am a backer of the 4K HDHOMERUN box, and just received my unit. How can I remove the old one from my list of sources?

Restart the dvr software using systemctl restart channels-dvr or similar

Click the trashcan ... you might have to reboot server after.

I had other issues too.....my scheduled recordings just weren't picking up on the new tuner, I could go on.....but then I rebooted the server....BAM! All issues resolved!

None of the above worked for me. I trash canned the original tuner, rebooted the server and if I clicked on a guide entry, it would still use the original tuner. If I took the original tuner offline, then I'd just get a circle.

No complaint, this is cutting edge stuff. Just observations.

I am in the process of adding the 4K tuner I do not plan on removing any tuners just make the 4k top priority and all channels favored.

Just got my hdhomerun 4K too and I noticed channels doesn’t pick the astc 3 first. I have 2 had hdhomerun runs would love if it picked the astc 3.0 box first

Also I get no sound does channels dvr support ac4 yet?

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I noticed Channels cannot handle the 4K streams it stutters and pauses on latest FireTV Cube and the Google TV.

Apple TV and iPad video is perfect just no audio. I will try the fire tv 4K stick tomorrow

Channels is probably going to need an update to their decoder.

HDHR 4k video plays back without issue with my setup. I'm in the Phoenix area so there is no sound. SD says they are looking into the a audio issue. The picture quality is great.

Shield 2017 model.

I got a recording to play but it played at fast speed. For now I will drop it to the bottom of the channel tuner list.

I've been reading on the HD forums about the experience others are having with the HDHR 4k in regard to the audio not playing. I can watch and record atsc 3 and the video is great. I decided to change the channels streaming quality to 1080 instead of original. All atsc 3 channels play fine with audio with this setting.

Any idea what this means? Is the audio codec the problem?

If you're watching an ATSC 3.0 broadcast, your Channels DVR server must be transcoding the audio.
I think if you have the lastest Channels tvOS or iOS client you can enable Stats for Nerds to see what's coming into the client.
I thought all ATSC 3.0 broadcasts used AC-4 audio.

What channels client device are you viewing with?

Yes. The DVR is transcoding the channel to get it down to 1080. Setting the client to original I loose sound. I'm using the Android TV App on the Shield. Using an iPad it's the same; no audio with original.

So that says there is audio being transmitted if the Channels DVR server is able to transcode the video and audio. You should be able to see what the transcoder is doing by looking at the DVR log.

Most likely there are very few client devices that handle AC-4 audio. I've heard some new LG TV's do, not sure what else.

Check out this thread on the SD Forum. Dolby Atmos/AC-4 audio.

I also remember reading that TV stations want to use ATSC 3.0 to reach mobile subscribers, so pretty sure for mobile reception they will use AAC audio.

If you are not getting proper sound, email us a capture using the instructions here

I have a capture you say to email it. but where that document only say how to capture it not where to send it to.

Ok i just sent it to your support email.