UPS Battery for Raspberry Pi

Does anyone have their Channels DVR Raspberry Pi connected to a UPS and configured to do an orderly shutdown in the case of power outage? I lost power last week and ended up having to rebuild. Thankfully, I was able to copy the library off the disk before re-imaging so nothing critical was lost.


Not on a Pi, but yes. It's the same UPS that does my modem and router, and powers the switch that connects my cameras to my NVR. I have a second UPS in the garage with the POE switch for the cameras themselves. The server running Channels near the router and a small Pi0 at the cameras are both running NUT to monitor the UPSes and handle sending shutdown commands when power levels get too low.

(I tried CyperPower's own tools, but they were too bloated, and didn't work well across disparate devices.)