USB Boot in Loop

i am very new at this so I apologize for my lack of knowledge.
I have used the Raspberry Pi Imager on several drives. WD My Passport, Samsung 860 SSD, Buffalo Mini Station etc. With each, I have installed (ChannelsDVRServer_PI4.img.gz) and tried to boot the Raspberry Pi 4 which has 4gb ram but the same thing happens. A constant loop.
after watching the cycle on the lights I attached the monitor and this attached photo is what i see in a loop scrolling every 25 sec.

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 7.37.00 PM

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You did the first step by editing the boot loader on an SD card on the pi to enable USB boot, right?

I did "Misc utility Images / Bootloader / USB Boot" in the Raspberry Pi Imager I didn't have (Choose OS > Misc utility images > Pi 4 EEPROM boot recovery) and got rapid flashing green light after loading>
SO is that the issue?

MSD Error indicates mass storage USB is not working with your drives for some reason.

Are you trying the blue or black USB ports? Connected directly or via hub?

How is your Pi powered?

Pi is powered with Cana Kit power supply 5.1V 3.5A

Using the Blue USB plugs direct connect for hard HDD or SSD> I've tried both

this is the cable I am using for HDD.

Have you found a solution for this? I'm having the exact same problem with my WD My Passport 2 TB. I used the Raspberry Pi Imager v1.6.2 to write the ChannelsDVRServer_PI4.img.gz file to the 2 TB USB 3 external hard disk.
Should the 2 TB disk be partitioned and formatted? What file system?

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I have had poor results using WD My Passport or My Book lines. The EasyStore drives work without issue, though.

Thanks. I also tried to use a WD easystore 5 TB USB 3 with the same results.

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Is your screen exactly the same? It says "xHC-CMD err: 6 type: 1" also? And "Apr 20 2021" at the top?

I ended up putting the pi image on a toshiba drive and the pi 4 booted from it plugged into the blue usb 3 connectors. I then did the “standard Linux instructions” and it is works all on one toshiba drive but it isn’t headless.

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Here is a screen shot showing my errors. Thanks for any help in figuring this out.

Just to try - what happens if you boot with your USB drive connected to the USB2 port? It's worth trying as the drivers would be different.

I had a problem with a WD 1TB drive that had been used with the Raspbian-based Channels plus DVR server for months. The Pi4 Server image written to that drive would not boot. Repartitioning, reformatting, and reimaging with several different imaging utilities made no difference. The image could be mounted on a Linux System and all of the Hass/OS and CP partitions looked correct, still it would not boot. After setting it aside for a new WD 2TB drive which booted the first time after imaging, I repartitioned and reformatted the 1TB drive as EXT4, but using the erase disk option, though it took forever to complete. After again loading the Pi4 server image, it booted. It's back on the shelf as a spare. Something left behind by that prior Raspian-based Server install had to be erased.

Well here is what I have found. After an unbelievable number of attempts to get my R Pi 4 with 4 gb ram to run the stand alone DVR server I gave up and remained with the linux install method. BUT I wanted to make a Pi Hole and was going to buy an older version Pi but decided to go with another R Pi 4 with 4 gb so if I decided to try other things. When the new Pi 4 arrived I couldn't resist to try the stand alone dvr on it. I used the same methods as I had before on the original and guess what, the new R Pi 4 from VILROS worked perfect on the first attempt. Being the trouble shooting type, I proceeded to transplant the original R Pi 4 (from CANA) into the fold. I used only the CANA R Pi 4 with the working HDD and the VILROS per supply but it still is doing the startup loop with the CANA R Pi 4.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I got an R Pi 4 through Canakit, and nothing I have done has worked. I get stuck in USB bootloop limbo. I've tried everything. I even unplugged the Canakit fan, which is the only "unique" thing in their enclosure. I also bought a new WD USB3.0 drive with no external power, since some reported that could be an issue. I feel I've hit a brick wall.

This is the last thing I see on the screen before the USB boot loop starts.

From the bureau of turn-it-off-and-on-again:

Have you tried zeroing the drive? Ensure that you're starting from nothing, and then image your drive.

I think you may have misread previous posts. A large portion of errors can be traced to bus-powered drives, meaning those which get their power from the single USB cable. A better choice is an externally powered drive, meaning one that has a separate power supply that you plug into the wall.

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Thank you very much. I did misread that point.

In any case, I’ve tried both drives with and without an external power supply, and I’ve zeroed them out, too.

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I'm not using one but remember someone had a similar issue until he plugged in his network cable to his local switch/router. Does it have a hardwired network connection?