USB bootable RPI HDD worth it?

I already bought an account and am creating a rpi channels dvr on linux. Its booting off the 2tb HDD. My parents from inside their home will be the only ones using this from within their home via TV Everywhere channels. Do I need to use a SSD or will just my parents using channels on 1 to 2 tvs within the house be ok using this?

SSD is unnecessary

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I and others recommended a ssd over a spinning platter Drive. Unless u need large amount of storage. Ssd is just faster and more reliable. Though even a hdd will be faster than using a ssd card ( not recommended by Channels).

I have been using a Samsung T7 ssd for few years. Another pi as random 2.5 in enclosure and a spare older Samsung ssd in it.

If you use a hdd, you may need to use one with an external power supply or a powered usb 3.0 hub even it is a portable 2.5 in hdd. As the pi usb port can not push enough power to the drive during heavy use. There are many posts on here about various users using hdd that have random issues that an are power related.