Use Channels-DVR as a tuner for Emby

This is a solid setup I've used before, but since Live Channels now has network tuner support in the beta, how are you configuring things? If I allow Live Channels to use the network tuner, the recordings from OTA antenna are only accessible on that device, but if I allow channels to control the HDHomerun, PVR Live will allow me to record them to a network location.

Could you describe your setup in a nutshell please sir?

Since I had Emby already on a second NAS and Channels DVR can be setup as a tuner, I installed a second Channels DVR on the same NAS and configured Channels DVR as m3u Tuner using this as the url http://DVR IP:8089/devices/ANY/channels.m3u?format=ts (ANY is all sources in the DVR, you can setup for specific sources instead you want to), add your guide provider With his setup all recordings will be made on Emby server, Channels DVR is only a tuner. This is the only way Emby can be implemented for TV Everywhere access. This is great for channel surfing without having to exit to the guide to view programs. Also Emby setup automatically loads the last viewed channel.

I have a Channels DVR server that only serves the tuners TVE and Pluto to EMBY and another Channels DVR Server that does all the recordings... This way they all share the same streams if Viewing or recording same channel. I use EMBY for remote viewing as I can control the bandwidth per user.

I've disabled the native Live Channels support for OTA and Pluto TV and take everything from the Channels DVR m3u and epg as a PVR Live source. Nice thing is you can tell PVR live to only import those channels you have set as Favorites in Channels DVR.

As you mentioned, I use the network location as destination for the PVR Live recordings (on the same server where I run Channels DVR). I move things around as necessary to make the recordings available to Channels DVR or Plex. I haven't yet tried making other recordings available in Live Channels.

I have two quirks I'm still figuring out.

  • The PVR Live timeshift buffer hangs after playing the same channel for 2.5 to 3 hours. I think there's a problem with the buffer when it hits 2G in size (I'm using an external 120GB SSD for the buffer, so plenty of space)
  • The mapping of program categories to Live Channel categories is very picky. If two category tags on a program map to the same Live Channels category, you'll get multiple entries for the same Channel in the Live Channels category selections (that is the category tags have to be unique mapping). I've fixed the PlutoIPTV js to handle things, but OTA and Philo (my other source) still cause problems. When I get some time I plan to write a post processor for those.

I think I'm gonna play around with this setup some more then, I'm mainly curious if I can get 2 different devices to run live channels and record and play from one location. Should just work with default configurations, channels controlling the m3u, nothing fancy, could be an all channels grab, and filter out the garbage channels in the channels ui, and both livepvr installs pointing to the same location.

Since Emby is using Second instance of Channels DVR as a tuner, does the DVR engine need to be running.

Whatever DVR is feeding the tuners to EMBY needs to be running.

Emby v 4.6.x now has a channel manager that allows you to reorder the Channels DVR m3u however you like. You can also remove channels you don't want to appear in Emby.

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Its still can't parse the Season/Episodes from the xmltv guide.

There is a script to fix that. That is not the only Problem if you use XML from Channes DVR it does not add the year to the folder which is a must with all these reboots

Where this script. Their support says that Emby can't parse the Season/Episode info.

Script to fix SXXEPXX XML to EMBY - General - Channels Community (

lol. I use that script as well.

Sorry I'm not technical with this. But what do I do with this. Save it as a file or paste in a settings somewhere in Emby Server. I'm very interested in getting this parsing issue fixed. Thanks for your help. Is there guide somewhere to help me.

The script should be saved in a file. In my case I have the script on my Emby server. The script outputs a xmltv file. I point the Emby guide to this file.

I called this script and I run the script using

python3 /path/to/file/

I tried this but it becomes laborious if there's a number of sources on the DVR server.
It doesn't parse well if you also have the Pluto/Stirr added in.
What I ended up doing is leveraging guide data available via Emby Premier subscription and matching those up....

Also, making a custom M3U for all this goes a looooonngggg way.

That's how I use channels.... through emby & it works well. No issues with guide data. Cant complaine.

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Has anyone found a way to filter guide data based on favorites only? I've tried the filter url that I use for the channels and it doesn't seem to function the same way. http://x.x.x.x:8089/devices/ANY/guide/xmltv?filter=favorites

I was having odd stutter piping Channels M3U to Emby for unknown reasons. Using the M3U URL and query parameters in this thread, Emby would just stutter playing live TV on Roku TV, or my 4K Fire TV with wired network adapter.

My Build is a i9 11900K with 128GB Ram writing to Samsung 980 M2 Drive (Tried to a RAM drive also) on a Wired GB Network.

I used the Channels web guide to play a video in browser and inspected the stream in the network inspector in Chrome. I had no issues in Chrome, I assume due to transcoding at the Channels side. I took the URL from the network inspector which was this:

and then modified it to use in Emby like this:


My CPU is at 1-3% utilization overall with Channels and FFMPEG sitting at .1% respectively, and my GPU, a NVIDIA Quadro P4000 is at 0% watching live tv on 3 screens in my home. 1 Roku, 1 Fire TV 4K and 1 Fire Stick 4K

I no longer have any stutters/hiccups and everything just works. I am still tweaking and may play with bitrates a bit but the picture quality from TV Everywhere content looks perfect to me.

I use the same setup on an I7 and have absolutely no stuttering in emby .... without any transcoding... that Includes HDhomerun OTA ... HDHR Prime ... TVE and Pluto. Also running Docker for Pluto on same machine. Emby prefers the input from Channels DVR as below....

Windows Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
*10.0.19044 Build 19044 (kernel: 10.0.19044 Build 19044)*


8 cores / Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz

*load averages: 0.34 0.27 0.12*


31.88 GB
*57.0% free*


3 interfaces