Use mkv containers instead of mpeg-ts

I would love it if Channels DVR recordings were stored in a mkv container, rather than mpeg-ts. Specifically, I'd like the container to be capable of storing chapter information, like that generated by comskip, for example.

I'm guessing that there's already some support in Channels for playback of mkv containers, since the movie folder support seems to handle my movies just fine, and they're all mkv files :slight_smile:

Bonus points for storing the EPG information as mkv tags in that same file.

I realize the way I'm using Channels DVR isn't entirely mainstream, but I'm hoping this would still make sense for the general case, too.

I use MCE buddy to convert the recordings to .MKV as I use chapters for commercial skip within Kodi. It is pretty painless and is highly flexible to your needs.


It's unlikely that we will ever change the format we are storing the recordings on disk. The benefit of the current format is that it is basically what we are getting off the airwaves and requires very little processing. This means that there are fewer chances of bugs and glitches making your recordings unwatchable.

Doing what @robmich suggested of post-processing is a good strategy that we currently have customers using if you want it in a different format.

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I personally feel that this is one of the things that makes Channels great. I prefer to have the format remain original, it just makes the playback that much better. Storage is inexpensive these days, so file size isn't much of an issue.

Since MCEBuddy works well, at least we have a good work-around for times where I may want post-processing done.

Yep, I'm post-processing the files currently (using ffmpeg - MCEbuddy is purely a Windows thing, right?)

I completely understand the benefits of simplicity, fair enough :slight_smile:

I believe you are correct. Maybe someday Channels will support post-processing scripts for post-processing automation with 3rd party programs. Then you could at least easily automate the conversions if you can't already.

You can easily do a remux to MKV with handbrake and ffmpeg.