Use of cloud side port forwarding with ISP that blocks inbound traffic

My ISP blocks inbound traffic and my VPN service doesn't offer port forwarding. It would be simple (and free) to use a cloud side port forwarder service (like ngrok or or serveo, etc.) to forward port 8089 to my home Channels Plus DVR server. BUT, I'd need a way to instruct the Channels service to send port 8089 traffic to this port forwarding service. I don't see an api that allows me to tell Channels what ip address to use for remote access to my account. Also, the above example "free" forwarding solutions are TCP centric. What is port 5353 traffic used for? Can remote viewing be enabled WITHOUT port 5353 traffic enabled (perhaps that's only used for adaptive bitstream quality)?

5353 is the bonjour port and only used in your home

We don't have a way to override your IP but it's something we are considering. If you control your dns server you could return your custom forwarder IP for the domain assigned to you.