User-chosen channel logos

Just a thought… Would it be possible to choose (and upload/host) channel logos? I have a few PBS stations, but they all default to the network logo. It’s hard to know which channel is which using the guide. It might be nice to be able to upload our own similar to how car stereos allow.

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Maybe they could reside in an iCloud Drive folder. Then the user could amend as desired and they would sync across devices.

I second this. The default logos look pixilated on ‘top shelf view’ so it would be nice to upload some nice hi-res ones.

I just was posting some feedback on another thread about this.

Would love to be able to have this and input our own channel logos or have some country set ones stored somewhere that we can download from. Currently in NZ the channel logos are non existent

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And this would be a small workaround for the lack of logos for those not using SD or using DVB for guide.

The only problem I can see is that I believe that SDs agreement with their provider does not allow for long term “local caching” or offline downloading of the logos… This would make the “best scenario” of downloading the logos to the ATV or icloud for use offline or for DVB a non-starter. You would have to get the logos on your own from another source and upload it yourself.

I’d also like this feature, since I would rather look at the local channel logos than the network ones.

Any thoughts from the devs about this feature request? :slight_smile:

With my guide data (Denmark) several logs are incorrect, missing, or low quality - it would be really nice with some top quality channel logos for the big 4K interface on e.g. the Apple TV 4K.



Coming from Emby/Kodi setup I'm a bit bummed I can't change the logos, some of the defaults don't look great or are hard to make out. Other times there's a better specific logo for a sub channel but the provider data just sends over the same logo as the main network...

edit: I realize this was old but since it's tagged feature request I went ahead & replied :wink:

Has this Idea for a feature been abandon or does anyone still would like to be able to import logo images that are missing or not correct in the guide. I have numerous OTA channels missing logo images.

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