Using 2 Shields

As I understand this, if I'm using YTTV I can't put both apps on only one Shield. I think I would like to use 2 Shields if that is possible. My only other choice would be another computer. I don't want to use my main desktop. This leaves me with an older desktop for which I'd have to buy a monitor or a Surface Pro 3 where the touch screen doesn't work.

It seems to me that a second Shield would save space, cost less to run and be easier. That is all an assumption on my part as I'm way new at this. If this is possible, where do I put the dvr client, can I do this easily? Are there any drawbacks to doing it this way?


My understanding is that YTTV as a TVE source on a Shield server will not work. I think this apples even if the shield is used only as a server. There is something about the Shield that does not work properly with YTTV.

A monitor is only necessary when initially installing the system, and sometimes not even then. The computer I run my Channels DVR server has no monitor—or anything, really—attached; just the external drives used for storage, its network cable, and its power supply. Everything else is handled remotely.

Thanks guys. OK, if I go with my old box, I'm assuming I can use the drives in that box for storage? How do you handle it remotely? I saw where they are working on a setup guide, as a non-networking person I could sure use it. I guess what I'm asking is if I go this route, how will my desktop, old desktop, Shield, and HDHOMERUN all be connected? I feel like chimp that was given a typewriter and told to write War and Peace!

Yeah the old computer is probably fine. What operating system is it running? Yes, you could use the storage already in that computer, or even add more if you need to. Often for a server like this people will set up remote access software. One I have used successfully with Windows is called TeamViewer. It’s free for home use. Once you have that configured, you’ll be able to connect to the machine and control it as if you were right in front of it.

As far as connections go, use hard wired Ethernet whenever possible. Gigabit speed is best. You can find small gigabit switches for very little money these days. If you must have wireless clients, a good quality wireless router or access point goes a long way to getting the best experience.

OpenSSH is available most everywhere, and often installed by default. Windows 10 even has SSH, although I'm not sure if its server is installed by default.

Thanks so much. It's a win10 box, with an older i7 chip. I've downloaded Teamviewer and it look easy enough. I've ordered an ethernet cable as the shortest one I had laying around was 30 feet long! I'm getting excited to try this out.

What is SSH? What does that do for me? Thanks.

SSH is basically the de facto tool to remotely login and administer systems.

That explains why I didn't know what it was. I think I'll stick with networks for dummies!

I have 2 Shields and I use an HDHomerun with a cablecard and Channels DVR on both.

I also use Plex with it.

It's a great solution.

Are you using YouTube TV? I think that may be the difference.

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I'm not. I compared the price of cable (selecting the channels that I want) and used the Homerun to distribute all over the house. Was comparable in price to YTTV.