Using channels m3u to xteve to plex- all tv episodes show as new episodes

I hooked up xteve to push channels dvr channels into my plex server to record shows I want to keep long term. It works beautifully using channels m3u and xmltv guide feeds. Only problem I have is that almost all the tv shows on live tv show up as new episodes. Anyone know if this is a setting in the guide feed coming from channels and can I fix it? Not sure where to start troubleshooting.

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Sounds like a Plex issue. Maybe ask on their forum if it’s Plex marking all programs as new.

If you want the recordings in Plex, why not just record with Channels and import the recordings into Plex. This works well.

Same Problem as NEXT PVR they do not Parse the New setting in the Channels DVR XML.

XMLTV from Channels? - Channels DVR - Channels Community (

Does the xml guide export the seasonxxepisodexx info?

Emby does not Parse this but NEXTPVR does. not sure about Plex.

<episode-num system="onscreen">S05E21</episode-num>

The NextPVR developer, sub, already has a fix for this. Just waiting for it to be bundled into the next release of NextPVR.

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Sub is always cooperative can't say the same about EMBY support ... I asked them to see if they could parse season and episode they responded like I was crazy lol.

I think they're working on it:

@jasonmcroy was testing it.

Great I have the Version beta on my test system will try it.

Not in the beta I just tested.

It was supposed to be added in .29 per Luke, but wasn't. He then said it would be in the next one which hasn't come out yet. It's been like at least a week or something since .29 came out. Not sure what is taking so long but it is a little annoying at this point since he forgot to include it in the last 2 Betas.

EDIT: Are you nyplayer over on Emby forums?

Yes I am NYPLAYER also at SageTV and NextPVR.

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I guess Plex doesnt see the new tag then. It also doesn’t support skipping commercials unless it records them itself, which is why for movies and shows I’m wanting to keep long term I was going to record them in Plex via xteve.
That way Plex can handle,the commercials instead of the extra step I am currently using of having mce buddy process them first then move to Plex.

This has been fixed and working. New is detected in the latest release of Next PVR.

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Man wish plex did the same

Plex and Channels DVR user here. I also was having issues where Plex was seeing nearly all episodes as "new", which messes up recording logic. I finally broke down (after not being able to find anything to do this already) and wrote a small web api hosted in a docker image to translate Channel DVR Server's XMLTV to a format that Plex better understands:

Basically, it removes the <new> tags on episodes, then for any episode which didn't have that, it adds a <previously-shown> and <previously-aired> tag, which Plex understands.

It may not be 100%, but it does seem to work fine for me so far.

I also added an M3U endpoint that adds the "tvg-id" attribute, which should make it easier for channels to automatically match in xTeve and Plex with the guide.

If you have any suggestions, I'm open to feedback. But mainly just trying to make my own life better, and if it helps anyone else, then great!


sudo docker run -d -p 8070:80 -e "XMLTV_SOURCE=" -e "M3U_SOURCE=" channels-dvr-plex-xmltv-proxy
Unable to find image 'channels-dvr-plex-xmltv-proxy:latest' locally
docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for channels-dvr-plex-xmltv-proxy, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is denied.
See 'docker run --help'.

I got it working using search I believe the image is wrong in the docs ... Channels mapped correctly ...
How often will this update the M3U and Guide ? I see that you are creating the m3u as hls not format=ts so will not play. I made this change and it works in the environmental ...

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="2.1" tvg-chno="2.1" tvg-logo="" tvc-guide-stationid="20292" tvg-name="KATUDT" group-title="Favorites",ABC

You would need to pull the docker image first:

docker pull klschaefer/channels-dvr-plex-xmltv-proxy

Every time Plex calls the api endpoint to get the xmltv, the docker image calls to get the most up to date version.

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Thanks for this the mapping is great ... I did find that it is not Identifying Shows with new episodes .. For Example the Rookie tomorrow is new but it does not show as new.... Also I notice when you use the XMLTV from channels DVR plex does not add the year to the folder or file. (not your problem)

But overall I am very pleased with this and thank you for your efforts.