Using Channels on different devices


Good morning.

I just purchased my HDHomerun Quatro and am very interested in channels. My question is, I have four TVs in my home. Do I have to purchased channels for each of the devices connected to these TVs (ie, $100 cost to cover all TVs)?



Probably not.

If you subscribe to the DVR service you won’t have to purchase any apps. Just install the Channels-DVR version of each app.

If you aren’t subscribed to the DVR service then you’ll have to purchase Channels Live apps once for each platform per account. E.g.: Here in our household we have two Android TV boxes, two Amazon Fire TV boxes, and my wife and I each have an iPhone and an iPad. So we had to purchase four licenses: One for each of the two STB brands and one each for each of our two iThings accounts.

In your case: If all four of your TVs have the same brand streaming device, and they’re each associated with the same account, you’ll have to purchase a live app only once. And, again, even then only if you don’t subscribe to the DVR service.

Hope this helps.


jseymour nailed it.

@jseymour, how come you and your wife don’t use a Family Share plan on iOS. If you did, you could share all of your purchases and you would have only had to pay for Channels once, as well as all your other apps.


I’m the only one of the two of us that installs many apps. I think the only paid app we share is Channels. Oh, and the keyrings we use.

I guess laziness on my part, maddox :stuck_out_tongue:


Family share’s worth the time setting up, but it doesn’t work for subscription based apps (except Apple ones like Apple Music or iCloud storage) and that’s the way most things seem to be going lately.


I’m sure that @jseymour now regards his “double” pay on iOS app as a contribution to the dev team for their excellent work…and especially closed captioning on Android which was developed between @tmm1 and himself



Well, @tmm1 did all the work. I just asked for it :slight_smile: But, yeah: I’m not gonna begrudge the team the extra $15. I regard it as money well-spent.

Btw: CC on both Android/FTV and iOS. Though they already had it in the next iOS release by the time I asked for it.