Using Multiple TV Everywhare app's on QNAP Servers

Well, Before experimenting with my QNAP TS-251+ and TVS-882BR Servers.. I have channels running on my smaller QNAP TS-251+ BUT now I'm thinking channels should be on the larger 8 bay TVS-882BR..? CAN CHANNELS RUN ON BOTH SERVERS AT SAME TIME?? Looking for any input that would be helpful in setting things up... I use PLEX, HDHomerun, and now looking into Channels.. Note I run Plex on all three servers.. Just looking for anyone input and help while I experiment... Thanks, John

Sure you can run it on both, but you can only connect to one at a time from the app.

Thanks for the info, I was unsure how it would work if I login from the larger server and drive path for saving recording to a larger drive space.. Thanks..

Hi, Last night I was at my sons house and we were going to watch a show using remote login since he has not got Cable TV Service, He has Internet 1 Gig service.. We used it 2 - 3 weeks ago no problem was GREAT.. BUT this week we have problems...

The Page at just sits there.. NOTE I am using windows 10 on a large screen monitor with a chrome browser... any help would be great, YES I've been skimming through the community help trying different settings.. Thanks in advance, John

Does show 8089 as open for your home IP?

You may need to set the DVR to manual under remote access and then configure your router.

8089 is open...
I am using manual..
port forwarding is configured on my Netgear Nighthawk X10 R9000

When I am in the setting page of channels should I be able to click the link locally @

Do you have any kind of VPN running?

Email [email protected] with the IP shown on

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