Using Stream Link Repo

Hey all, I’m sure this is super dumb noob question but can someone explain to me how to utilize @maddox stream links repo. I love all the work he put in to adding this content for us but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to download these files from his repo? I’m running a Linux server and figured there’s a way to download these file in bulk. It would be especially useful for adding tv shows but I can’t figure out how to do it! Any thoughts that could help??

Just download the zip file of the whole repo. It’s available on the main page of the repo. Then drag the files into your imports directory as explained here:

I knew it was something simple! thank you!!

Just an FYI, it's great that @maddox did this, but it's just an example and is not everything on these services, nor has it been updated since it was created. Also, he did a rip of Realgood, and their metadata is wrong ~15-20% of the time. In other words, although you can start with this, I recommend checking EVERYTHING for QC.

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Thanks for the tip! yeah definitely can double check things but especially for tv shows this helps SO much!

I am trying to follow the instructions, however, apparently I am still doing something wrong. I first pulled the movie links directly into the Import folder where my Channels programs are kept. (See attachment 1.) This did not work, so I was thinking maybe it was because I didn't have a sub-folder under Imports for Amazon Prime. I added the Amazon folder and copied the links into that folder. (See attachment 2)

In both cases, I tried to manually import the new links. Both times I get an error message "Local content directory must be separate from the configured Channels DVR storage directory." I moved the folder for the links to another drive, however, that didn't work either.

I'm sure I'm missing some simple step. Help please. Also, I could not locate the zip file mentioned. Where is the repo page mentioned. Thanks.

You don't need an Amazon folder

In your first screenshot the file names are incorrect. It should only be the name of the movie.

Also it's strange that all the files show up as "internet shortcut" and have the little link icons. That doesn't seem right. They should be normal files.

I used drag and drop to copy the movie files into my movie import folder. The files are the ones posted from the maddox/channels-strmlnks location.

Should I have used copy link - then paste it into my import movie folder?

Thanks for the reply.

You'd have to actually download the repository zip file and then drag the files from there after unzipping. You can't drag it from the website.

Ok, I understand. I could not locate the zip file. Can you send me a link to it.

I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for all your hard work and making Channels possible. I had some anxiety about cutting the cord - mainly having to give up my DVR. Finding Channels has transitioned me and I will never go back to cable TV. I just wanted you to know that your are appreciated and we (Channels users) recognize your hard work! Thanks so much!

I wanted to thank you for the links to the movies. I can only imagine the hours you spent creating those lists. Your hard work is appreciated by myself and I'm sure by all the Channels users. You have made my transition from cable TV less painful than I expected. Thank you again for the hard work and many improvements to Channels!

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There's a link above in the second post: