Using Tivo 4K Stream Remote w Apple TV

Q: Why would you want to do this?

A: You probably don’t unless you already have a Tivo 4K remote you aren’t using, want a number key pad, channel up/down & guide button…and can tolerate the lack of a home button.

I have love/hate relationship with this remote (as for the Tivo4K itself: that’s mostly hate :joy:). Having now replaced both of my TiVo 4K’s with ATV’s, decided try to pair my TiVo remote with an Apple TV. Unsurprisingly there’s a lot of buttons that don’t work at all but I am liking it as a spare remote for Channels since both the Guide and the channel numbers work - giving me something the Siri Remote doesn’t. And the volume/mute buttons work for Airplay & BT (which is what I use). Presumably those two along with the power & input buttons will work via CEC for a compatible TV.

I don’t watch much live tv but the number buttons are handy to have when I do and the remote might be a good fit for my wife since she’d only use it for Channels. The lack of a HOME button might be an advantage there. :joy:

Biggest annoyance aside from no Home button is that you have to use the circle (Android home) button for Back. Also no way to bring up control center though weirdly a double press of the circle button works for task switcher which is the easiest way to get to the Home screen.

Since there are Tivo remote is both Bt and IR you might wondering if you can learn the unused buttons. I’ve not had any luck with that since the remote behaves differently once it’s paired it seems. With factory reset & not bt paired, some buttons do send an IR signal and could be learned - (including the Netflix button!). But once BT paired, it doesn’t seem to send IR signals for most buttons. Still want to experiment with this a bit but it’s not promising.

Green: Works for everything in ATV
Purple: Works with Channels
Red X: Does not work at all

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