Verizon FIOS Set Up & Network Topology

Hello everyone,

I have been using Channels for quite a while. My parents have Optimum and FIOS accounts, which I have used to access TVE. I run Channels on my local desktop, and it works flawlessly to my two TV's in my apartment. I have an IT background, so I can speak to technology a bit more fluently.

What I would like to do is the following: my parents' main residence is the FIOS one. I was planning on rolling out a VPN (via Firewalla, or something similar), getting an HDHomeRun (unsure which model) and renting a CableCard from FIOS. The home has 5 TV's which would be streamed to locally within the residence.

Is it possible to get an HDHomeRun, use the CableCard set up, run the Channels DVR at that residence, rid my parents of the FIOS boxes, stream to their TV's, and VPN in from my apartment, adding one sixth TV?

TLDR; I want to use Channels to allow my parents to save $ on FIOS boxes for 5 TVs, but I also want to VPN in so I have the full FIOS line up remotely, as a sixth.

Thanks for any help!

HDHR + VPN can be finicky. Might work if your latency is low.

You shouldn’t even need a VPN if you run Channels DVR on the same network as the HDHR. Channels DVR already provides remote access.

I haven't been able to access my Channels server in my apartment remotely on my FireStick or other devices. Works great on my Android phone though!

I had thought about this. My "remote" access via VPN is the least of my worries. Primary concern is saving them $ on the FIOS boxes. If my VPN idea doesn't work, I can continue to use Channels in my apartment, and have them use a separate server and account.

Do you think the general gist (keeping in my the primary concern is to keep the residence wired, with my cheap access secondary) would work?

Sure, a lot of people here return their cable equipment and use HDHR PRIME + Channels to save money.

Worst comes to worst, they'll get some free boxes out of it via Channels Plus and the Fire Sticks they already have. Worth a shot. We'll see if I can rig up my VPN into the home and run Channels through it on this end from my place.

Regarding nriley's comment, I have another question (well, a few): Is there a way to have my apartment Firestick look for the Channels DVR server running in their home? I've tried to give a friend my remote IP (x.x.x.x:port), but it doesn't permit an entry like that.

Which HDHomeRun model would you recommend for 5 TV's?

To connect remotely you have to click Connect to DVR > Away From Home

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There is only one model of PRIME available and you have to buy it on ebay or elsewhere.

Saw that. Amazon is fresh out. The 6 looks great, but Reddit is saying its been promised over and over again with little to show for it.

A Prime Tuner requires a Cable Card Rental from your provider. They do charge for that. like $10 a month is how much Comcast charges.

I don't know if Direct tv or dish or whatver u have uses Cables Cards instead of those plastic access cards

That's what happens when I don't check settings. Nice to know I can use the Firestick from wherever I am to loop it into my current set up in my apartment via TVE.

Thank you!

FIOS gives out the CableCards. I'll have to find a Prime somewhere.