Version for Mac now we have Catalyst?

Subject says it all.. Since it’s now quite easy to port IOS apps to Macos Catalina using Catalyst, Any hopes for a Mac Version?


Understood. Thanks for the reply. It’s a great app!

Check out Fluid -

I used it to create a Mac app for the "On Now" tab of Not quite as good as a "real" app, but it does the job pretty well!

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There’s nothing easy about porting an existing application to another platform. No matter what marketing Apple puts out there.

It’s not just porting it, it’s maintaining it afterward. We take pride in the stability and way our apps work on each platform. Adding another one just takes more time out of our days to further what is already out there.

We look forward to a day where Catalyst makes this easier for us, but it has a long way to go.

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How did you get fluid to work? I tried and it always gets stuck when it bounces from to my server generated url? If I save the server generated URL then it works until the a new URL is generated on the backend by

Hmmm... Not sure. It just worked. Maybe the issue is when you access it remotely? I only use mine at home on my iMac.

A fluid app is exactly the same as opening the web-ui in your browser. It just takes off the browser navigation bar.