Vertical Scrolling - Disable dots?

I’m not sure if this is a feature of the Channels ATV app, or if it is native to tvOS but is there a way to disable the, what appears to be “quick scrolling,” when in the guide? This ultimately makes scrolling more clunky and slow.

When you start scrolling up/down quickly the right side scrolling indicator turns into dots which only makes scrolling possible when your finger is on the remote. I’m just wanting to swipe quickly over and over to go through the guide vertically.

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I actually like the quick scrolling, since it lets me get through all the crap channels real quick and I don’t have to swipe as much. It’s also sensitive to how fast you’re swiping so it can go fast or slow. Pretty sure it’s a tvOS thing from 2 or 3 updates ago.

Interesting… maybe I need to practice this more. For some reason, I’ve never been able to figure it out and always just wait for it to disappear so I can start swiping again.

Second this. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but whenever the “fast scroll” appears, I can only scroll up so far until I have to pick up my finger. At which point, the scroll follows a UI “momentum” effect (as if I’ve hit the end of a list) and bounces back with a lot of force. The result is my guide constantly bouncing back to the same point where I started scrolling from. It makes scrolling through the guide almost impossible, as even a little bit of speed brings up the “dotted” column and then I just keep getting “bounced” back to the same position on the guide. I have to scroll at a snail’s pace if I simply want to scroll the guide up or down.

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There appears to be some change with how fast-scroll works in tvOS 11 which is causing issues on the Guide tab. We’re still investigating…

So I’m a complete idiot. I finally figured out how to use the quick scrolling feature, which is an tvOS feature. Once the quick scrolling dots appear on the right side of the screen move your thumb to the right side of the swipe pad of the remote and start to move your up/down. It then jump-scrolls, which is super fast and nice, but also not as accurate.

I guess I would just prefer to swipe and swipe instead of the quick scroll feature appearing. Maybe something that you could disable within the Channels settings in a future release?

tvOS does not provide us any way to disable fast scrolling.

There are two ways to trigger fast scroll. You can use the right side of the remote to scroll, which works well.

You can also swipe multiple times quickly in the middle of the remote to enter fast scroll. In this mode, on tvOS 11, Channels has a bug where it gets stuck and you can’t scroll any more. This bug is fixed in the upcoming beta build.