Very Specific Audio Drop

I have a very specific and replicatable audio drop issue. When playing some very specific person content videos, if I pause the video it will take a couple of seconds for the audio to start back up again.

  • I can make it not drop by turning off Surround Sound
  • I do not have the issue on a TV that is not connected to an audio setup (the issue is only on a setup where the TV is connected to the receiver through an optical cord)
  • I do not have the issue on live channels, DVR recorded content, or even on all personal content. It is a very specific subset, but I cannot figure out what makes these particular files different.
  • It might be limited to MP4 files, but I haven't done enough testing to be sure. And it would not be all MP4 files because I did test several that were fine.

What android device?

CCWGTV is the device with the issue.

You could try the beta app ( and submit diagnostics after the issue we can take a look.