VHF high issue

Hello all.

I have been a long time lurker just reading up on as much as possible.

We just disconnected our DirecTV and installed an Antop 400BV. I used tvfool and antenna web to guide us on what to buy. Currently using a homerunHD quatro and Apple TVs.

The Antenna is currently mounted about 12ft up and pointed to the towers. And I receive about 40+ channels. They come through super clear with one exception....

CW network.

WPIX in New York City is located in the same direction as the other stations, but I can hardly pick it up. It is a high VHF channel which is only 35 miles away (all the other stations are the same distance/location) what can I do to receive this channel? Should I move the antenna up to my roof (30ft off the ground) or should I consider and FM trap?

return that terrible chinese thing and get a real antenna like a Clearstream 2MAX. if you want to keep that antenna, at least put it higher, 35 miles at 12 ft with that antenna with the terrain will stop you from getting it. I use a Clearstream 5 Hi-VHF antenna (one of 3 antennas i use together ) at 35 feet 15 miles west from NYC.


I will put it on the roof this weekend if weather allows. Hopefully that solves the issue.

Antop is crap??? I thought recommendations from antennaweb was legit? I am new at this.. last time I used an antenna was before the digital tv conversion.

yes it is. those are paid sponsors. these little plastic antennas try to bend the laws of physics in order to fit them in a small package which is impossible so they add an amplifier when its not needed.

nothing beats old style antennas from the old days.

Understood. I just can’t install one of those old school RCA antennas on my roof.

I haven’t seen and Clearstream vs Antop performance reviews. Or any consensus on antennas that are not the old school style.

I put my big antenna in the attic.

Also have mine in the attic.

I've got 2 RCA Yagis on my roof. The antenna is not that big. I pick up all stations with these, from 2 different cities. You can't see them from street view. You have to be pretty far back on the sidewalk across the street to notice that they are there.

Can you post a pick of how you installed that in your attic?

Also.... why 2 of the same antenna?

Yea, that 'antenna' you have is trash. Please dispose of properly.

Here is an example of an atypical attic installation (most times there isn't this much room to work in) and this Wineguard antenna is cut for UHF and VHF-High - exactly the one you need (if there are no VHF-Low broadcasters to receive):

Caveats for attic installations:

  1. under a metal roof - forget about it.
  2. dependent on roofing material density - too thick/dense and forget about it.
  3. as shown - through a thin wall or out a dormer window is best.
  4. exterior metalic wall coverings like aluminum siding - basically you live in a Faraday Cage - go outside, young man.

Digital TV requires some fiddling to get two broadcasters in two different directions. The old days required a rotor to turn the antenna, but digital requires two antennae aimed at the targets and blended together into one coax.

A Cheap, but adequate 'old school' antenna that would probably work for you:

The antenna shown above (with pre-amp - that you may not need):

The webguys should truncate long links I guess.... lol

I can personally vouch for both of those antennas. I had that RCA outside and it worked great 40 miles from my towers. I started having some issues when some new construction went in close by. I replaced it with that Winegard antenna and now only get the occasional drop out.

Yeah. I’m going to switch to the RCA Yagi. This along with TV Everywhere and I will be golden

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One more question...

Will I need a signal booster? My towers are about 36 miles away. And are located at 286* and 282*


If it is LOS, you will not have issue with the RCA antenna, and shouldn't need a signal booster. I have one of my antennas pointed in a direction with towers about 35 miles away, LOS. 11 of the signals (different frequencies) that I pick up are at that distance. I get them clearly, with all subchannels.