Video and audio became choppy after watching for a while

While watching on an Apple TV on the local network the video stream and audio became very choppy. After backing out and re connecting to the channel. The issue is fixed. I submitted logs within the last 5 mins from the Apple TV.

I think I'm experiencing the same problem. It may be related to antenna signal strength, as I've seen it on two channels which are typically weak in my home.

However, Channels now seems even more sensitive to signal loss and the audio is not recovering. On my weak station, typically I might see a pixelated / broken image once or twice a day, which would clear up within a few seconds. Now it's happening MUCH more frequently (like every 5-10 minutes) and the audio never recovers. It's basically unusable.

I'm using an HD home run prime so the signal strength doesn't vary too much. Just wonder if its a bug in the latest release.