Video & Audio issues


Why is it that the App will work great for hours then all of a sudden video is choppy & audio cuts in & out ? I have plenty of bandwidth that is not the issue . Can clouds cause interference like with a traditional satellite? I bought the most high end over the air antenna

I wish the App had a settings page where you can see & log all the issues & signal quality


You can open to see the signal quality and strength from your antenna


No, but wind, rain and passing aircraft can. So can interference from other nearby intermittently-operated transmitters.

As tmm1 noted: You can go to -> HDHomeRun CONNECT ... -> Tuner Status -> Tuner N, where "N" is the tuner number, and see signal strength and quality, and symbol quality.

There is also an app for MS-Windows and Linux systems: HDHomeRun Config GUI, that will allow you to watch them, dynamically, in real time, and apps for Android and iOS devices.

Have you done a speed test to the streaming device? From a web browser go to n.n.n.n:57000/speedtest, where "n.n.n.n" is the IP address of the streaming device. Do this while the problem is occurring.

Have you tried the native HDHomeRun app when this is happening?