Video Description Services (voice over)

This suspected issue, can also apply to FireStick's as I have the same issue there as well.

The It seems like ABC primetime shows is where I see the issue shows up the most. The issue is the Video Description Services are coming through, even though there is only once choice for an audio track. I tried playing the same recorded show on my MacBook (Current OSX Ventura) and it did not happen.

It happens on my Google (Sony Bravia TV's) along with an ONN 4k streamer (newest version) and also on a FireStick (Current OS).

All devices and DVR are running latest stable releases and it even happened with older versions as well.

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Is this ABC in the U.S. or ABC in Australia?

View one of the problem recording files with MediaInfo in text output format and see how many audio tracks it reports.

You can use their online version MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser if you don't want to download the app.

The recordings I have tagged as DVS have it on a stereo audio track, usually marked as a Spanish language track.

Also shows up if you view details of the recording in Channels DVR.

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Thanks for the reply @chDVRuser. This is US based ABC.

Experienced the issue with AFV and celebrity Family Feud tonight. As an FYI, when I pull down the "options" menu in channels, I always only see 1-track when it is happening. In addition, I only had audio from the right speaker w/ Surround sound disabled because I only have 2 speakers on my deck. But sound and the voice over were both coming from the right speaker only. Then when a local new promo came on, there was sound from both speakers. I feel like it is some kind of an issue with how they are decoding he AC-3 audio on ATSC3.Light bulb moment! I just realized the issue has always been seen with ATSC3 channels. Not sure if it exists on the ATSC1 versions, but will test and see.

When I have moment, I will mess with MediaInfo and see what I come up with.

What is the source of your ABC feed? It sounds like the issue is likely from the source feed itself; if that is the case, Channels can't fix the missing audio it never receives.

Does this mean that you tried watching the incoming stream live, and only got DVS audio; yet when you played the exact save feed that you also recorded, the recorded version did not have DVS? Or is it that some live viewings only offer DVS, but all of your recordings also have regular audio?

(While it does not sound like a big difference, the two situations are quite different. Also, the source of your ABC feed is quite probably more important than first thought, too.)


OK, so have done some additional testing. This also happened when watching AGT on NBC OTA ATSC3 this week. How I got around it was this. It only showed "Track 1"(no track 2) for audio and while it was checked, the audio included the DVS. When I unchecked Track1, then obviously the audio went away, including DVS, silence.

So then I backed out of the show to the guide, went back in and then the audio was back with NO DVS! Looked at the options and there was now a "Track1" which was checked and also a "Track2" as well, not checked. For grins, I checked Track #2 and the DVS was back. Switch back to Track1 and no DVS.

So to recap, when first watching a Primetime network feed on ABC or NBC OTA, it only shows once audio option, Track1 selected. When you deselect it (audio goes silent) and go out and back into the channel, then Track2 shows as an option and this contains the DVS info.

This sounds like a bug in the HDHR firmware, where it isn't probing the stream deep enough before sending it out on the network, or somewhat similar.

I would recommend reporting this to SiliconDust, as it's more a hardware than software issue.

I tend to agree with it not probing it long/deep enough in order to properly decode it, but have seen the usual 5 or so second delay, without audio, before it decodes it. Even with the latest HDHR firmware update this month, it is still there. Can't remember when it all started, but it has been there for a while now. I will submitted a ticket with this thread and see what they have to say about the issue. Thanks for the feedback.

FYI, I did submit a ticket to SD support and waiting to hear back. FWIW, the issue happens whether it is a live or recorded show.

The workaround right now is once you start watching something that has DVS and it is happening, go into “options” via the up key, then uncheck “track1” (it will be the only one showing), back out to the guide, go back in and it should select “track1” automatically, but you will also see “track2” that contains DVS audio.

Also, when I watched a Falcon rerun on NBC ATSC3 tonight, it does not show a DVS tag and there are no additional tracks, other than “track1”, available and selected.

I have reason to believe that this is NOT a SD issue (could be wrong).

The other night when watching Monday Night football (ESPN feed via local OTA ABC affiliate), when the game started, it was in Spanish. Somehow channels is obviously not picking up on the correct "default" auto track.

Went into the options and only saw an option for "Track1", which was checked. There was not English/Spanish option. As I have previously done, I unchecked the "Track1", backed out to the guide, went back in and then I had english. Same scenario holds true for VDS as outlined above.

Something is no properly detecting that there is more than one audio track when playback is starting?

Is that an ATSC 3 station or ATSC 1 station?
I would submit diagnostics from the client app right after doing this