Video Pausing/Hanging While Watching Live TV

Channels Plus user who has been using Channels since October. In the past, I've encountered times while watching Live TV where the video stream would pause (spinning arrow & timeline bar) but after a few seconds, would continue streaming.

For the last few weeks, I've been encountering this problem big time, mostly on the Fox channels and on Newsmax. I addition, a lot of times after the video starts playing again, it will just stop/hang, no spinning arrow or timeline bar. Only way to get the video going again is to go back to the guide, and select the channel again.

I have Gigabit Internet service, use Vidgo (TV Everywhere) as my streaming service, run Channels DVR on my QNAP TS-1277 server (32GB), and use FireTV HD Firesticks (Ethernet connected) for video playback. This doesn't happen if I use the Vidgo FireTV app.

I've uninstalled/re-installed the Channels FireTV app and When I checked the Channels version the other day, I was current. Any Suggestions?

What is the source of the streams? Is it from a HDHomeRun tuner, or an internet/TV Everywhere stream? If the former, it's probably a signal issue. If it's the latter, it's probably just normal issues with internet feeds, such a issues sending a segment of the stream.

(I notice issues with missing/unsent segments especially with internet/TVE feeds from A+E Network channels, and NBCUniversal channels. In fact, NBCU has been having lots of issues with their feeds today; it might just be a glitch, but it could also be a harbinger of things to come as they push Peacock more.)

Streams in an OTT app are different from the web feeds that Channels uses. You cannot compare the Vidgo app with the streams you're receiving in Channels; they are unrelated.

My point is that the pausing/hanging problem I have when using Channels (OTT app) doesn’t happen when using the Vidgo app which would indicate there is a problem with the Channels app.

Are others experiencing this, is this a known problem, is there a fix or something I can do to stop this from happening?

I use an HDHomerun for my OTA channels and my Vidgo account to access the TVE channels via the Internet. The temp pausing happens on and off with some of the channels, but the hanging, which requires me to go back to the guide and select the channel again only happens with the Fox News and Newsmax (mostly with Newsmax) channels.

I would recommend looking in the DVR web ui log to see if any errors are logged at the time of the hang.

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I checked the log and saw that I just had and error and this is what I found it the log:

2021/07/16 07:52:21.735309 [ERR] Error during stream TVE-Vidgo ch6073 FNC: Failed to download file: get: 403 Forbidden

Followed by:
2021/07/16 07:52:21.738247 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Vidgo for ch6073 FNC

Why does this keep happening?

Interesting. Failed to download indicates it wasn’t able to get the video data from the site. The 403 typically indicates an authentication problem. Are you still having the issue. It would be good to do a continuous long test to verify you’re not experiencing packet loss to the internet and rule that out.

When using TVE it's best to stay up to date with the latest DVR prerelease version (now at 2021.07.16.2301) as a lot of those updates fix TVE issues.

Yes, I'm still having the problem, and I stay current (version 2021.06.17.1801) with Channels DVR releases.

Sorry, found how to install the prerelease and installed the latest (2021.07.17.1618) so I'll keep an eye on the problem and report back if it keeps happening.