Video Playback Stuttering on Apple TV, Mac server


As @tmm1 asked, I started a new thread. Here lately, there are many times where we playback a recording and it is almost unwatchable, due to the stuttering. It just did it close to 5:00PM Central time Wednesday the 1st, and I submitted a a diagnostic log as soon as it did. I restarted the Channels DVR on the MacBook, and it stopped having issues, further cementing my belief that it has nothing to do with the speed or quality of our wifi.


Thanks for the logs. I see around 5pm the player was paused and resumed a few times. Did you do that to try to fix the stuttering? Right before then there were a few seeks.. did the stuttering start after you seeked forward?


It started up before seeking forward. Had watched a bit of it, and then was skipping about 30 seconds here and there to get past certain singers on The Voice. After this, it constantly was stuttering and that’s when we stopped it, and restarted. Doing the same amount of seeking after restarting it has caused no issues since.


Submitted another log. Did it at the end of a show when I was seeking a little bit ahead because commercial detection didn’t work


Another one submitted at 9:26PM CDT @tmm1. This one was while watching The Flash and it happened right at the very beginning of the episode, with me only skipping the first commercial break leading into the program.


Were these all completed or still recording while watching?


All completed and commercial detection had already ran


Any update to this issue?


Does the problem go away if you change the Home Streaming Quality setting in the app from Original to 4Mbps?




I've added some more logging in the latest DVR beta app. Please try that and submit diagnostics again from it.