Video Plays For A Second Then Stops

Having an issue where when I try to play back a recorded show (Magnum PI) it will start to play it, jump to the end and go back to the DVR interface. I tried resetting the watched status to unwatched and it still does the same.

Incidentally, this only happens on the client that I just happened to upgrade (v402271934). If I try to play it from the web or the other client (v402032239) it plays without issue.

I submitted diagnostics for client having the issue. Both clients are identical FireTV boxes.

Turn OFF "automatic commercial skip" mode on your client, and try playing the file again.

Not sure what happened. Everything seems to be working properly now and I didn't change anything.

I'm experiencing the same issue on the Apple TV with one of my recordings. We're investigating what's going on.

Looks like in my case, my Cable recording had some corruption at the very start. I was able to resolve it by running "Fix Video Timestamps" on the recording.

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Had it happen again with a different program - over the air TV (Ghosts). Can confirm fix timestamps worked.

UPDATE: Maybe I spoke too soon, it played about half way thru, stopped and was back to the same issue. Ran fix timestamps again and seems to be working again.