Vidéo sources in France

We are moving to France in the next two weeks. I see that Channels should be supported there but my question is what video sources are used in France? Does TVE work? Or is it some other way to get the shows?


Sorry if it's an old topic, but did you find any answer to your question ? Wondering how we can use this in France too.

Thank you.

I have not. Wish I knew how to add French Video Sources also. I have spent the last few months working on French Admin rather than this but once I get thru all of my Admin it is on my todo list.

@Max85 I have figured out that Pluto does work in France and have it setup now. Also it appears Free provides M3U setups but I have Orange ...

Got Orange too, Free is more "free" then the other provider, shame, i wish we got a Orange TV app the Apple TV also :cry: