Video stutter on Live TV - Oreo


I have been seeing some intermittent pauses on live TV. Surround sound is off.

I’ve submitted logs.

Also, have been having issue where guide data for current timeslot will not populate after waking up Shield. Also submitted logs for that.

Please let me know if there’s anything gneiss I can do to help diagnose. Thanks!


Thanks. Can you try to kill/restart the app and see if it fixes the stuttering issue.


I rebooted shield and it stopped stuttering.


Hi, any update on this? Was still seeing last night. Force stop did clear both stutter and guide issue.


No updates yet, I’m trying to figure it out.


I have also noticed occasional stutter using the app on Nvidia Shield running Oreo. For me I notice a huge improvement (it doesn’t happen) when I move the app from my adopted SD card to the internal storage.


FYI, in my case, I don’t have adopted storage…the behavior appears after waking from sleep.


I think my theory of internal storage is totally wrong… tried watching the World Cup on BBC earlier and had 3 Episodes of stutter / micro pause within the first 5 mins of kick off even after me moving to internal.

Switched to the actual HDHOMERUN app and was totally flawless for the entire match. Also noticed that the volume was mutch louder for BBC HD going through my Denon AVR?

This was also on latest beta release, and I even did a complete system reboot before launching.


Please submit diagnostics after the stutter


Would love to submit diagnostics, however the app now refuses to launch for me. The screen just goes black, and it takes my Shield ages to exit back to the home screen. The app is not running in the app switcher to kill either. Only doing a full reboot enables the app to run again, however after launching and existing it once more refuses to launch again.

Have rebooted got the app to launch and sent diagnostics now.


Uploaded a new beta which should fix the crash.


Had some real bad stutter last night watching the World Cup. Was fine for about 2 hours but then started glitching / pausing itself on and off sometimes every few seconds. In the end I had to exit back out to guide then start the channel again which still didn’t sort it full and I experienced a few more pauses.

This was on the latest beta release.


Please submit diagnostics next time


I did send a bunch of diagnostics previously when it was happening. I just wanted to get back to the match as quick as possible yesterday to be honest :slight_smile:


Makes sense. The issues previously happening were fixed so something else is the issue now.

FYI you can also view the logs via http://x.x.x.x:57000/log while the player is running and email them to me directly ([email protected])


Sent quite a few diagnostics yesterday (video player and other) which will hopefully help. It seemed to be having a bad day with the micro pausing!


Is there any further development being done on this very frustrating issue? Sent quite a few diagnostics over a month ago but the glitch hasn’t improved at all. Still I get split second pauses where the info bar pops up at the bottom of the screen then disappears and playback continues.

Seems to happen way more often / noticeably on HD channel broadcasts and there is no difference if the Shield has been on a sleep wake cycle, restarted, channels has been open for a while or just loaded. For a while I did wonder if it was some kind of crossover issue as one programme ended and another started, but it still seems random.

Never happens in the HDHomeRun app or while using the native Live Channels.


I see this when the channel’s Symbol Quality drops too far, too long. The Channels app briefly pauses and buffers, whereas the Silicon Dust app pixelates.

I imagine it’d also happen if the LAN/WLAN connections were less than top-notch.


If you could submit diagnostics with v2.0.7 that would be helpful. A lot of the audio/video playback code has changed in the last month and I’m surprised this is still happening.


Any further updates on this? It’s driving my wife insane. Is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot?

Using nvidia shield TV
Oreo os
Channels 2.0.8
Surround sound off
Submitted diagnostics