Video stuttering and pixelation on ESPN national championship game

doesn't seem to be an issue with the feed, as the roku app (presumably using the same feed?) is flawless...

Not seeing that issue. Apple TV

Fine on IOS

well we've eliminated two of the other apps lol it's fire stick that i'm seeing it on

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Which model fire stick? Is it set to software or hardware mode? Did you submit diagnostics from the app?

its a second gen fire stick. how do i check the mode? i thought i remembered seeing a setting for that but now i can't find it.

i just went back to the fire stick and it seems to have resolved itself (i had actually switched to the app to watch, it was that was pretty much unwatchable). if it comes back, i'll submit diagnostics.

the roku app worked, though. it was the web stream that was stuttering...

I started the game on the ESPN app, wanting to see it in 4K. It was awful, kept pausing and then go info fast motion to catch up. I switched to my Channels recording, has been flawless. I’m actually recording all four ESPN channels at the same time.