Vidgo New Live TV service

New Live TV service that will include TVE.
Offering 50+ channels for $14.99.


I guess it's good if you need The PAC Twelve Network or beIN. Let's see if they get TVE access.

I like how your post says $14.99, but the banner you include says starting at $19.99, but their page says $14.99.

BTW, I am just ribbing you.

Where do you see this?

It came from Cordcutters news who copies and pastes articles wether they are true or not

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I believe it was Cord Cutters. I just went to look up the article and it looks like it is was edited and now makes no mention of TVE.

Hopefully VidGo will eventually add TVE in the future.

Contacted them and here is the response regarding TVE.

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CordCutter news today. Packages start at $40. No mention of TVE support. Vidgo web site is sparse on information.

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With all the price/channels issues with OTT’s lately this almost looks to good to be true. They said in a tweet they will have support for TVE soon. I will take a “lets wait and see approach” before I sign up.

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They don’t even have on demand. TVE is a big long shot.

Yeah I noticed that, but at this point no “on demand” is a non issue for me (I have Plex for that). I just want to get a good service that has the live channels I want that work with Channels and TVE. FuboTV was as close as I could get regarding the TVE channels I wanted. But past two weeks its been a nightmare with them and TVE. I still haven't had TVE work (apps/sites) for me anywhere with my Fubotv credentials. Been back and forth with customer service and techs and nothing has been resolved.

What will Plex do for Vidgo's lack of on demand?

I run my own Plex Server with my own on demand tvs/movies. I rarely use any on demand services. Between Channels with TVE, DVR and Plex combo this works perfect for me.

So you buying and downloading content from cable companies? Seems expensive

Not sure if you understand how Plex works. You add your own media (movies and TV shows) either from DVR, Ripping, etc. I use Channels DVR to add shows and Movies to Plex that come from either OTA or TVE. I only pay for one OTT service to be able to get TVE working with Channels DVR. So I am able to Have my own on demand with Plex and then Live with Channels.

Yes, I understand. I just don't think Vigdo will get TVE , if it doesn't even have on demand

Of course take it with a grain of salt but if you look back up a few posts In this thread i posted a screen capture of asking Vidgo about TVE and they responded with coming soon couple of weeks. We will see.

I just got off the phone with Vidgo and the rep said TVE won't be available until March. He said they haven't even started the process yet.

I guess I'll wait until March to try it out, unless something happens sooner.

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Did you ask when a DVR or on demand is coming?

No, I didn't think about that because I don't ever use it.