View all Recordings in New UI

How can I view all the recordings in a single view ... like before I like to View all recordings with recently recorded at the top whether it is a movie or TVshow this is the way I check for interrupted or delayed recordings.

Closest I can find is DVR>Manage>Recordings Shows or Movies
You can sort by date added and include or exclude Imports.

Guess that will have to do.
Really do not care for new views.

Yah, it takes time to get used to it. I understand they're making these changes to accomodate large libraries, so I won't complain (just grumble to myself :laughing: )

Makes sense ... I had a real bad power outage that lasted over a day so had delayed interrupted and already started recording so had to go through all.

I like the fact they give you choices in the view, especially the recent change to allow sorting BOTH ways.
Just wish they would add...
[x] Show Imports
[x] Show Recordings
So you can select only Imports, only Recordings, or both.

The newest pre-release has the option to filter by source type.