View Guide in the Future

When I access my DVR (on my Mac) using a browser I see a channel guide that is functionally different from the channel guide on my iPad.

In particular, I can view programming in the future. This is very useful.

Will this option be added to the iPad app?

Sounds like you need to restart the app on your iPad by clicking home twice and swiping up. Does it show as connected to your dvr?

Yes, I am connected to the DVR (I can watch recorded programs). I restarted the app and it works the same. There is an "All Channels" dropdown at the top of the screen but that's it.

In the browser version there are two additional dropdownsw "Today" and "Now".

I checked the version....3.2.28 which is listed as the latest.

There is no time drop down in the app. But you can scroll right to access future guide airings.

Ok. Please consider adding this functionality to the iPad/AppleTv app. Scrolling the guide right one hour at a time is not practical if you are looking for programming two days from now.

On the flip side there is no way to scroll right in the web app. A scroll bar at the bottom of the guide would be useful (vs. time periods)

There is a horizontal/time scroll bar in the DVR web UI.
Unfortunately, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom vertically to see it.
And it only scrolls a few hours.
I agree it could be improved, but my recollection is the web UI was designed as an admin interface and the primary focus on usabilty is through the client apps that interface with the DVR. So you may have better luck getting it implemeted in one of the clients, like AppleTV OS, iOS or Android.