Viewing work flow, please make like Apple TV

When watching a show on Apple TV Channels app, when the show is over it will take you to the screen which gives options to explore the show, watch again, delete, etc. For some reason, the iOS app does not follow this same flow. If I started a show from Up Next, when it ends it simply takes me back to the Recordings tab. Why is that? I really want to be taken to the show overview screen just like on Apple TV, to allow me to easily delete the show (or keep forever). Since the Apple TV app does this, please please bring that same work flow to the iOS app.

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Thanks @tmm1 for moving to troubleshooting. Though in hindsight perhaps I should have made this a feature request. Not sure. It's really asking for the iOS app to follow a similar pattern as the Apple TV app. I trust you to put it in the right place. :blush:

We feel your pain. Having a episodes run in serial like a lot of apps do, is in our plans. We just have to get it into our timeline.

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Thanks @maddox.