Virtual Channel has live TV in it

My 2 virtual channels. One is friends and other is king of queens. Suddenly are called qwest and playing some guy playing piano on live tv.

Maybe those channel numbers are conflicting with one of your custom channel sources

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I haven't made any changes to anything in weeks. I'll disable custom sources and see if it goes away.

Ok. I just deleted EVERYTHING but Philo, HD home run, and and virtual channels. Still doing same thing.

I will update pre release and hard reboot server in morning. Right now I have shows recording so I can't reboot.

I'll let you know in morning.

Is there any best channel number to set virtual channels too that won't conflict with anything.

This was so wierd. I just wanted to watch King of queens before bed.

On side note. This piano playing is kind of soothing. So thank you for forcing me to broaden my horizons.

Thank you for fast reply as always.

After disabling all my custom channels it didn't fix right away. About 30 min after I disabled custom channels it fixed itself. Maybe it took a bit of time to update?

Anyway I re-enabled customs one at a time. I was able to recreate issue. Turns out it was a channel conflict with Samsung stations.

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