Virtual Channel stuck, no longer playing

One of my virtual channels (Murder, She Wrote) appears to be in some weird state where nothing is in the guide, and playback seems to flash the first frame of the recording over and over (diagnostics submitted from iPad OS 15.6). I'm not sure how else to describe it - anybody experience this?

Can you tap and hold to get more details about that episode. Sounds like its a bad recording and has a huge length

You're right, episode length is way off:


Is there any way to skip these if I'm not in front of the web admin (and deletion from clients is disabled)?

Weird, the listing in the web admin has a different length, description, and recording time:

Edit: forgot to include the description from the iOS screenshot:


What does View Details on the web UI show for file size and duration/bitrate

Maybe you have two copies of that episode? I noticed the description was different between web and iOS too

I'm only seeing the one copy in the TV/Murder, She Wrote dir, really weird :man_shrugging:

Please submit diagnostics

Can you use the diagnostics I submitted earlier? I just deleted the file to get the channel working again. I did keep a copy for testing locally with a different player though, I could put that up on dropbox if it would help (quicktime player sees the correct length but there are clearly reception issues in the recording)

Edit: Here's the file if it helps