Virtual Channel Visibility & Kids

I have a similar question to the now solved post here.

I've imported a folder that has kid appropriate music videos via Settings>Local Content>Video Sources. Under Library>Music Videos I've changed the visibility to "Both" and added Genre Tags of Family and Children. I then created a Virtual Channel, added the Music Videos Library to said channel and set it to Random Sort, creating a Kid Friendly MTV channel if you will. The virtual channel is accessible fine but not when the Kids filter is chosen.

Am I missing a setting or something else that would get this working?

Which client device/platform?

It may be because the videos themselves don't have the Children genre attached..

This is on an iPad. The individual videos don't have a genre field to populate when I edit the metadata, only Categories and Labels. The Library does properly appear under Library>Kids. Just the Virtual Channel that isn't showing.

Okay thanks for the details.

I made a change in the next build that may fix it. It should notice that the content visibility is marked as kids and add the Children genre to the guide for those virtual channels

Awesome thanks for that. Guessing there's no way to change how the videos appear on the guide? They're all just labeled Music Videos.

Yea that's the best it can do right now

Please try the latest prerelease. Make any change to the virtual channel so it regenerates the schedule, then see if it appears in the app (after force restarting it to redownload latest guide)

Got 2022.08.08.2206 installed. Deleted Virtual Channel and recreated it. Channel still does not appears in Kids section of On Now or Guide.

Tried on both iPad OS and TvOS.

If you look at http://x.x.x.x:8089/devices/VIRTUAL/guide does the guide data for that channel have Children as part of the Genres?

There is no entry for Genres when visiting that page. Only; Categories,Tags,& ContentRating

Okay please submit diagnostics from the DVR under Support > Troubleshooting


Logs have been submitted as 57004d11-396a-45dd-950d-c4f0e21c749e .

Okay try with v2022.08.09.1718 in 15 minutes

Okay try prerelease

That did it, it's working now! Thanks.

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