Virtual Channels - Adding Content - Folders

Maybe there is a way to do this now, but I'd like to see a more convenient way to add content to my virtual channels. For example, I have all of my movies in subfolders and Channels pulls them in correctly, but I have to scroll through pages of movies to find the ones I want to add. They are somewhat ordered by the folder structure but it would be much easier if the subfolders came up and I could create the virtual channels that way.

I know I can create collections but that doesn't help when I add movies to specific subfolders and then have to go in and manually add them back to the collections. Hopefully this is in the works and will eventually be added.

Channels doesn’t consider folders when importing. Everyone has different storage strategies. Mapping the library to the many different styles isn’t something that would work well. So like many library based systems, it imports the media directly to the library and uses metadata to do the organizing.

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