Virtual Channels, circa 2014

Some of you may know, but Channels is not the first DVR that @maddox and I have built.

We have been working on our own media software for decades now. But earlier versions were private, and only used by our friends and family.

I came across some screenshots from the first time I built Virtual Channels, in May 2014. Back then we used the third-gen Apple TVs, with various hacks to run our own software (this was before the App Store existed for tvOS):


Wow, so cool! Thanks for sharing.

Where's the purple?


Awesome - intercepting the trailers app on apple tvs has a long long usage in this kind of stuff - there was an excellent hack for plex that did the same thing and it was incredibly one of the best players of the time

You all have been at this a long time. I'm glad my search for a better dvr lead me to y'all.

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