Virtual Channels - Control the Schedule

On Virtual Channels, how do I set schedule my shows with right time and date, so like for example. I want to watch "something.mp4" at 4pm on Wednesday.

*** Control the Schedule Sorting options allow you to choose how your movies and shows are scheduled. *** Channels — Virtual Channels

Virtual Channels don’t have that level or control. The sort options define how they’re ordered. Virtual Channels are more about kismet than schedule. It’s about creating a surprise. Heh.

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Ah smart move. Thanks for responding so fast.

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but on the topic of Virtual Channels, is there or will there be an option to “block” a certain amount of episodes of a show in a row? Like the series is random, but you could have three sequential episodes of “Seinfeld” followed by three episodes of the Sopranos. That was really the only standout feature of something like Dizque that was hoping to see in Channels. Even without that, I still find the virtual channels feature really useful.

This was added in the latest prerelease