Virtual Channels from Local Media Server

I am running the latest stable build on a RPI4.

I would like to set up a virtual "live" channel with content from my local media server. This server is not the same as the channels_dvr server.

I believe I would need to add this content as "local media" to make it simple but I can't figure out how. It only shows /media/DVR/Imports/TV or /share under Local Content when trying to add.
If this is possible I would really prefer these hundreds of shows not show up in my library. It is already full enough with shows I have recorded and need to watch.
If there is a better/easier way with an m3u generator I would be happy to run another docker on my media server also.

Virtual channels can only display content in your library. However, you can add items as local content and set their visibility to "Hidden" so they won't show up in your library.

It sounds as if you might be running Channels in a container of some kind, and that is why you can't find anything to add under Local Content. If that is the case, you need to create a volume mount for the location of your additional content.

I am running your Rpi build on it's own standalone hardware. I am running a separate OpenMediaVault server on separate hardware that also has docker on it that i run containers on.
As I continue to look at this I thought I might need to and an SMB share at the top of the channels setup screen.
Everything goes alright putting in the media server information including user name and password and selecting the media share put then it will not save.
When I select the share from the pull down list I get this error
do_connect: Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND)

Sometimes after I put in all the information sometimes it sits there with the SAVE button at the bottom in green but no matter how many times i click on it it doesn't do anything to move on or save it...I have tried all 3 smb1 smb2 and smb3. I have also used both the server name and address.

It finally finished a recording so i rebooted and after removing // at start of server address it asked an additional question about a name for it and finally allowed me to save it.

Just tried to add another and i keep adding and removing // or repicking share and eventually it gives me the option to name it and then the save works...the save is green this entire time.

Thanks for the hidden suggestion. it is importing it now and i will try to create the virtual channel.