Virtual Channels Hanging

I have a TV set up for my son that is automated and launches channels and plays a virtual channel automatically. Recently I’ve noticed it seems to be hanging, which was not happening before. I think the issue may have appeared after the latest release version update a little while back. This tv turns off when the room is empty, and the Apple TV pauses, I believe. I think the hang may be happening when it comes back on. The video is unable to resume. I took a video of the behavior. Please ignore my four year old talking in the background. If I hit menu to back out and wait for the guide to refresh I can immediately start playing the channel again. I do wonder if the guide data not refreshing in the background has something to do with this, but I’m not sure. If you watch closely you can see there is no guide data for a second or two when exiting the player in the hung state.

There was a guide data reload bug in v5.1.1

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Ok, thanks for confirming, I’ll wait for the fix to get to full release :grin: