Virtual Channels - No Play Option via Web

I've just setup a few Virtual Channels to play items that are in my library. I've noticed I cannot play these channels over the web. There is no play option. Also, if I try to play the channel via VLC or another media player I get "{"error":"failed to start stream: unsupported"}" using Are virtual channels not supported outside Channels TV Clients (AppleTV, Android TV, iOS)? The channels play fine on those. Just not the web. The web interface doesn't even give an option to play it.

Server Version: 2021.12.07.1834

I don't believe so. When you play a virtual channel, you can freely navigate/seek within the program, which indicates to me you are actually getting the recorded program, just queued to its "position" in the timeline.

They are only supported in the client apps sadly. No web and no Kodi with the Channels add-on.


Dang, thanks!