Virtual channels on iOS doesn't show the TV program (Season, Episode) info when viewing

On iOS devices when I bring up the menu screen when watching a program, the TV show information isn't giving you much information. The thing I wish we could see when we bring this up is the Season and Episode information of the show we are watching. tvOS and Android TV you can see the show season and episode information on the quick guide info at the top. Can this be added to iOS devices by chance? If you are watching a 24/7 TV show channel, the only way to get the information is going back to the guide which shows that information there.

So this item should probably be moved in the Channels for iOS section, since it isn't just on virtual channels (per the reply below). I will note I am running iOS Channels version Beta 5.4.2103.

I will note, this is not just virtual channels, it also happens on HD Homerun channels. You can see the season, episode information in the guide, but not from the bottom info area on iOS devices.