Virtual Channels Server Side Settings

I can't get the two Server Side Settings for Playback/Virtual Channels to actually control the Android/FireTV clients settings. It appears to be broken.

Which version of the server, and which Android client (only Fire TV)?

I have Tivo Stream 4K and virtual channels are working.
Not sure what you mean by Playback setting.

If you go to the web browser server interface and select the Clients tab, you will see Clients Settings for Virtual Channels under Playback. I am unable to control my clients with the two settings, Show Channel Logo and Tuning In.

This has never worked for me on any server version and all my clients, FireTV, Chromecast Google TV, Shield, Android phone, and Sony Google TV.

I use most of these various server side settings to control my clients. I like to keep most of my clients settings to be the same everywhere.


Thanks, works great now. Just to let you know the other Virtual Channel server side setting "Show Channel Logo" doesn't control the client either, but I don't use it at all so it is not important to me.