Virtual Channels Sort Suggestion

Thanks for your work on this. Virtual Channels is amazing! Can we update release order to be more granular?

  • Newest recording date
  • Newest airing date
  • Oldest recording date
  • Oldest airing date

I’d like to have a latest news channel to play the newest news show recording. But then I’m hopeful that newly completed recordings would play next; for example, if it’s 5:20 PM and I’m watching the 4:30 PM 30 minute episode that shows in my channel, once the 5:00 PM 30 minute episode is complete, it should play once I complete the 4:30 PM episode (after 21 approximate minutes including commercial skip).

I imagine the same thing could happen with a sports channel that shows favorite teams first before other league games? Or, perhaps favorite teams first before other local teams?

There’s no telling when they’ll air though. There’s no way to say “start at this time” so while their order could be what you want, when you go to the channel, it could be anywhere.

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Ah, good point. I guess I’m just trying to figure out how to make a virtual channel that shows me the newest recordings of a certain set of shows that I’ve placed in a collection.

(Edited my prior post to suggest sports, too.)

What does turning those recordings into Virtual Channel accomplish differently? Why not just go to the Collection, and watch the shows there, on-demand? Just curious.

I think using the Virtual Channel would be more effortless. I’d be able to place it in Favorites, and the most recent recordings would play in order.

I’m especially thinking of older parents.

This sounds more like a Playlist, and to be honest, the first rational use case I’ve ever heard for one :joy:

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Lol. Older parents. The things we do for them / kids.

So can I make a Playlist a Virtual Channel?

There’s no such thing as a Playlist in Channels lol.

:man_facepalming: Maddoxxxxxxxx!!! Lol

lol, my point was, the data model you described sounded more like what a playlist would be.

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Exactly my thought, too. Albeit, one that is dynamic.

Another use case for this: a collection that incorporates TV shows and movies, and interwoven/alternating order. For example, the Stargate franchise, where cross-overs between properties were frequent, and alternating shows' episodes is necessary for continuity. Also, the current implementation of Collections does not allow for intermixing of TV shows and movies, which this playlist model would allow for.

Another use case for playlists I came up with yesterday is my import of the TV show "Undeclared." The original air date (and episode numbering) are actually out of order from what Judd Apatow intended. Later DVDs corrected this. Undeclared - Wikipedia

Same with Firefly. The original air date isn't the correct order to watch this short-lived series, but that's how TVDB is insisting upon it. So the episode descriptions don't match up: Firefly (TV series) - Wikipedia

Ideally I'd like to watch in the correct order but the way Channels indexed makes it clunky to do so. A manual playlist with that order would be helpful here. Or a way to override the metadata?

Not sure if asked and answered. Similar to Fofer's request.

Is there a way to sort individual episodes of shows added by smart rules? Or is there a way to add individual episodes of shows to the channel?

Use case. Think Stars Wars, the example is on the demo page of VCs.
Release order makes no sense, thanks George.
Need to be able to place Episode 1 (movie), Episode 2 (movie), then The Clone Wars in a custom cannonical-chronological sort order (tv)... then the OG trilogy... more shows, etc.

I'm happy to drag an drop / do the work. I'd just love to have a channel that does the uni in order so you can drop in and have it make sense when watching.

You can set to Custom sort and drag drop

You can also click add content and search for the name of the episode to add it


Thanks for the reply, I'll remove the episodes...
Now, as for the 3mu8 that I already have. I know you can add in sources, but how do I get a 3mu8 to show as 1 channel in that order? Am I just missing the EPG data and then it will work as 1 channel in the order of the 3mu8?

Alternatively, I do have a 3mu8 already with the playlist (dirty word, I know), and don't know if there's a way to use this to add to the channel. Thank you so much for your time and support!

Trying to use custom drag and drop, I'm able to move the photos using the hamburger menu, but when I release my mouse to drop in the area I'd like the episode to be moved to, it doesn't place in the greyed out area.

I believe you have to remove the shows and add only episodes