Visual gaps in guide

I'm sure this has probably been mentioned before. On channels dvr tv I often see visual gaps in the guide. It's like on both of my ATV. Is this something you are aware of? if so, any idea how it can be fixed.

Thank in advance

I agree that it is aesthetically unpleasing when I see it. But the blank space in the guide just means the show is no longer available. Since I have had no better solution to suggest I never brought it before. I suppose they could put an blank unclickable box the same color as an occupied instead of just empty space. Or maybe a box with gridded diagonal lines would be better than just open black. In the end it is a "form vs function" issue.

It must just be an ATV thing! as it doesn't do it on my Android boxes.

I’ve seen it on android. But only on m3u sources

I've always seen that in the DVR web UI guide. Pluto source example
Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 18-23-21 Channels Guide

If there was a current timeline running down the grid you would know why.
Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 18-23-21 Channels Guide

The guide doesn't keep old listings.

Yes that would be nice if this could look more seamless, we see this on our ATV