Visual indicators for shows already recorded

Continuing the discussion from Many duplicate recordings:

This applies to appletv too.

When viewing the guide on the web interface, shows or films that have already been recorded show with a little 'play' triangle and ones that are shedules to record have a clock icon.

As discussed in the topic linked to at the start of this post, the problem with iOS and appletv interfaces currently is that there is no indication if something has already been recorded. There is no warning when scheduling a duplicate either.

The result is that it is very easy to make duplicate recordings. These are then a really pain to clear out.

So my feature request is:

Please can we have indicators in the iOS and appletv (presume other apps too) that indicates when a show or movie has already been recorded and exists in the library? I think these icons should appear anywhere where you might schedule a recording:

  • guide
  • on now
  • search

With the addition of these icons it at least gives users a chance to avoid multiple recordings. I would ask that ideally these would have little 'HD' symbols adjacent so that you know whether the recording is in HD or not. That would help inform whether to make another recording or not.

This is already done in the Search page. When you search for a movie or program, the page places results into either an Upcoming section for future airings, or for things in your library as Your Shows or Your Movies is shown with matches to the search term.

It doesn’t do what I’m asking for I’m afraid. Yes, search shows you what you’ve recorded, but it doesn’t indicated on upcoming listings that it has already been recorded.

Take for example, “the simpsons”:

How am I meant to tell whether the upcoming episodes are already recorded in the 300+ episodes recorded?

Granted, this is an extreme example and one I’ve actually got a pass set up for, but it highlights that the upcoming ones should have an indicator to show they are already recorded.

I agree though, that the search results are better than any of the other areas noted because it does at least give you a chance of spotting a recorded show.