Voice Command for Skip

For me at least, I cant use the voice commands during playback that i can use elsewhere. I want to hold the mic button and say "skip ahead 2 minutes and 30 seconds" and it just skips ahead the pre-programmed increment. Is it because channels has a custom player and isnt using the native one?

Here is when this is useful:
for football games, its nice to have the skip increment be ~15 seconds to try to jump through time between plays. but a commercial break is 2:30, and halftime is 12 minutes. So when you hit those, you should be able to speak and jump ahead that big chunk. With Channels now, i have to pause, use the touchpad to scrub roughly, and then to some click click click jumps to get where i want to be. This is also on timeshifted recordings where the recording isnt finished, so commercial detection hasnt kicked in and given me an easy way to jump through that one scenario.

Correct. There is no official Siri API, and the voice commands are only built into the native tvOS video player.