VPN Use with TVE

It seems like a lot of people are using a VPN with Channels DVR specifically TVE and it's making me wonder if I should too. Is there a concern with Channels and TVE/cable/ISP providers and so people are using a VPN?

Thanks in advance!

TVE doesn't work over VPN

When i tried using Nord. It was very hit/miss. I lost about 1/2 of my stations... They where the good 1/2. Shopping networks still worked. Lol.

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Haha, figures. So is there a reason you were using a VPN with TVE? That's what I'm trying to figure out if I should be as well.

Most TVE providers block VPN addresses.

But I shouldn't have any issues from TVE providers/ISP/cable companies if I'm not using a VPN?


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This is going to depend on the VPN and the TVE channels. I have been successfully using the TVE functionality using ExpressVPN for months. It logs in, records channels (I occasionally have issues with the various DIY networks but generally everything else works). There may be a few channels I don't get, but it looks like everything I'm not logged into is because my provider doesn't offer it or it isn't in my subscription package. (Edit: I use the VPN because I do not currently live in the U.S. so if I want to record U.S. tv I have to have it.)

There are occasional issues. Recently ABC has been acting up and I don't know if that's a VPN issue or if it's just a new issue with the ABC stream. But in general I can get everything I want using a VPN. My only issue is I can't access the DVR remotely when I go out of town. Since I need the VPN to do the recordings, if I turn it off then having remote access would be somewhat pointless. I do wish there was a way for me to be able to access just the guide and search functionality (I don't care about being able to watch videos) when I'm away so that I could set up recordings. But such is life.

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Have you considered picking up a raspberry pi and load it up with WireGuard vpn server. When you’re remote just vpn in to your local network. Or are you running expressVpn on your router?

It's on my router. I used to use it device by device, but I found I have less trouble with it on the router, particularly for watching usa streaming services.

I did figure out yesterday that ExpressVPN has a DDNS option built into their router software. I turned it on this morning and was able to remote into the web UI from my work today so I am happy about that. I don't know if watching would be a great experience, I don't think the DDNS would work with the client (I doubt it), but at least when I'm away I can set up recordings and passes to watch when I return. Last summer when I was going to be gone about a month, I actually took the pi and my drive with me and reset it at my parents house, but this year I should be able to leave it behind and work on it from there.

I’m in the same boat. I use an Express VPN flashed router and have zero issues. I believe I’m connected to either the Santa Monica or LA 3 server. Just curious, which server do you connect to get the most locals? ABC is the one I don’t get with these servers. As I’m in Asia, these west coast servers give me the best speeds.

I use the Washington DC server. But I have been having issues on and off with abc even there. Mostly everything else works though so I can watch abc stuff on Hulu if I have to. I’m in Asia too.

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