VPS Channels DVR

Hi guys, a quick question can you put the channel's dvr in a VPS? I have my channels server in my shield is this possible this probably be a dumb question lol.

VPS cannot connect to or record from your HDHomeRun. The HDHR streams are not suitable for internet transmission. We don't provide support for VPS installations but you are free to run it wherever you want.

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Thank you!

I installed CDVR a while back on my Windows VPS (OVH Cloud). It worked just fine. I did not keep it setup. I did not want to pay an extra $8/mo and have another thing to maintain. Plus I stopped relying on illegal iptv. I am only mildly techy, i break stuff a lot. I had my favorite Techy guy on Fivver help me.

The benefit i found to running CDVR on VPS was internet speed/reliability. My internet used to sucks donkey balls (10/mbps on good day).

I set my CDVR up with a IPTV subscription (must edit down to 500 channels for m3u). Then i setup CDVR to record everything. Mounted the remote folder. Then pointed Plex/CDVR at folder.

I toyed around with it for a month. That being said you will not find support on these forums for this type of setup. It is outside of intended use.

I would not recommend. It will require a very hefty upload speed. Im not sure if most home connections could handle that

If you go to plex forums there are several people who have talked about using VPN with remote HDHR. Mostly mixed/limited success and frequent tweaking. You never hear them mention reliability as a benefit. I do not think you will be happy with results/reliability.

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Thank you

You can m3u from your local CDVR to the VPS CDVR using Tailscale.

So do you have to turn on the tail scale in CDVR?
I have my server in my shield how would I move it to a VPS?

Hi sorry to bother but do you need to turn on tailscale in CDVR and I have CDVR server in my shield how would I put that in the VPS sorry not really a tech kind of guy lol.

It's not going to work well. To use tailscale you would have to run two DVRs one inside your home and one in the VPS, then connect them together. But your internet would need to be Fiber and it would use up a lot of data to send your HDHR streams to the VPS. Usually VPS also has limited storage so you can't make many recordings.

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Then you really shouldn't be even thinking about Channels on a VPS.

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Well okay I guess not then LOL!

Also note, that most VPS providers' IP address pools are flagged, and legitimate streaming (such as through TV Everywhere) will be blocked. And because of the large bitrate/filesize of OTA streams, the additional bandwidth costs that most VPS providers charge might be quite prohibitive.

I disagree. Heck im not very techy. But i sure manage to fumble my way around google search, forums, and copy pasting lots of stuff. @GeeBreezy808 . Dont let that discourage you from tinkering or trying dumb ideas.

That being said. CDVR on a VPS is a bad idea. There are some legit use cases and times it might be.

A great question no one has asked. @GeeBreezy808 Why do you want to run CDVR on a VPS. Reasons? Goals?

You mean copypasta. Entering detrimental commands that you don't actually understand, usually written for systems that were barely up-to-date years ago.

No, please do. Take the advice from people who know, rather than faceless shills with no knowledge, that what you want to do is not a good idea.

I use it to link up my two homes not using a VPS. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work though.

Except I can only do one stream at a time. But that’s all I need anyway.

It probably won’t work very well if you are going to have a lot of streams going. My upload speed is only 20mbps and can’t do more than one stream. It barely works with that and occasionally buffers. But I use it more to record a few channels that I don’t get at my main house so I only watch recordings and not live.

I dont expect someone to copy/paste commands without them doing researching. In this case he is using a VPS. Limiting his tinkering to a non-critical VPS or VM greatly reduces his risk. The only thing he will likely have to loose is his time, as long as he is semi-responsible.

If people dont try tinkering with new things they will never learn. Discouraging someone from trying to learn, ask for help, tinker is a bad idea. A lot of people learn by having a idea/goal and then trying to figure out how to accomplish.

If someone wants to delve into the world of VPS and they want a project for fun. Let them have it. Is this the best project for him to start tinkering with VPS, probably not. But if he has fun or learns something great.

Enough with the scare tactics and putting users down. Not everyone is techy. No one is going to learn unless they try.

I agree CDVR is a bad idea on VPS. I personally went down that path. Accomplished my goals but it was to time consuming and ultimately not worth it.

So @GeeBreezy808 please continue experimenting and trying new stuff. Just be safe, responsible and do your research. Do not ever let elitist discourage your endeavors.

I am NOT a expert. So maybe listen to the doom-sayer know it alls instead. Abandon all hope, never copy/paste on internet, do not ask questions on forums, and do not try anything outside of the box. Most importantly listen to my dog and obay his every command.

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Just wanted my streams to be a little stable someone in my discord that I’m on mentioned VPS helping with his streams being stable lol that’s it’s okay I’ll pass on the VPS thanks for all the help!

Thats not a bad reason for wanting CDVR on a VPS. I originally did CDVR on VPS do to low bandwidth. As long as your not trying to run HDHR through your VPS and your VPS has adaquate bandwidth and storage. Its not a horrible idea (still not a good idea).

How I did my CDVR-VPS attempt was to run a CDVR server on VPS. I used a iptv-m3u as my source. I remoted into CDVR-VPS and setup recording passes. I then mounted my VPS as a local drive (which gave me lots of issues getting to work right, i had to get help on that part). Then pointed my CDVR-Local to the VPS-Drive as imports.

Downsides. Required 2 CDVR subscriptions, required a VPS subscriptions. To setup new passes i had to login to my VPS and setup passes. It created a lot more work and added to my cost. And my IPTV streams where not reliable. If you use TVE you will find a lot a tve providers will likely block your IP. But that is a unknown until you try.

As long as your expectations are realistic. And your willing to spend time on project, it can be done. But its upto you if you will be happy.

Thanks appreciate it. Maybe thinking it over, but I appreciate the input.